National Nordic Museum – Part 2

28 minutes

Greetings, Wayne Parker here, with a conversation about Nordic culture, which is today more important than ever.  And we’ll get to that, and some intriguing stories in a moment.  First, some of you may be wondering, are Nordic countries the same as Scandinavian ones? 

For the answer we’ll go to Eric Nelson, CEO and Executive Director of the National Nordic Museum in Seattle, who was the 2019 Swedish American of the Year.  And previously Eric was recognized as a Knight of the Order of the White Rose of Finland by the President of the country himself.  

We have many more questions for Eric.  This is the StoriesHere podcast, which exists because museums hold some of our most important, and interesting, stories.  We talk with people who know those stories best, leaders from museums around the country.  Our episodes have included stories of science and nature, and cultures such as Latino, African American, Jewish and more.  

Today we get to talk about Nordic culture, which is really relevant today in ways you might not realize.  Did you know, for example, that Norway has the highest electric vehicle penetration of any country in the world?  In fact their very best selling car is electric, and that in a cold climate that people once said wasn’t conducive for EVs!


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