Stories from the Oregon Jewish Museum

This episode is an important and fascinating conversation with Judith Margles, Director of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust …

The Center of the Computer Revolution

The ComputerWorld blog described this episode: ” ‘What does it mean to be a human in a world of computing?’ asks Dan’l Lewin, President and CEO, Computer History Museum in the latest

Heritage Museum of Orange County

This episode is an important conversation with Kevin Cabrera, Executive Director of the Heritage Museum of Orange County.

You’ll hear stories of the history of Orange County, how the Museum …

Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site – Part 2

Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site
Conversation with Sean Kelley – Senior Vice President and Director of Interpretation
This is Part 2 with more surprises and featured stories.
“What …

Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site – Part 1

Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site
Conversation with Sean Kelley – Senior Vice President and Director of Interpretation
There are many vital stories in this episode about a penitentiary …

California State Railroad Museum and the First Train Across America

We’re talking in this episode with Cheryl Marcell, President and CEO of the California State Railroad Museum Foundation in Sacramento, California.  Our conversation today touches on so many …

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

This episode is our conversation with Braden Paynter, Program Manager for the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

Imagine 290 historic sites, museums and memory initiatives …

Wilton House Museum: A Virginian Story

What history the Wilton House has seen.  This episode is a conversation with Katie Watkins, Education Director of the Wilton House Museum in Richmond, Virginia.  The Wilton House has been a …

The New Burke

Julie Stein, Executive Director of the Burke Museum, and Wayne Parker, Host of the StoriesHere Podcast

Wayne: Greetings. This is Wayne Parker letting …

Folklife Stories

Folklife Stories with John Fenn – this episode includes some surprising stories and a peek into the life of a folklorist.  Those stories range from a …

Museum in the Land of Enchantment

This conversation ranges from dinosaurs, stars, drugs, personal computers, and much more…all in the Land of Enchantment.  We are honored to talk with Margie Marino, Executive Director of …

Stories from the High Desert

This episode is an interview with Dana Whitelaw, Executive Director of the High Desert Museum just south of Bend, Oregon.  This Museum is all about wildlife and living history, a place that …

A Life in Museums

Among many stories from today’s conversation with Alice Parman is the time she was in the ring with Muhammad Ali!  Just one of the many events of note from her career with museums.  Now as …

Conversation with a World Champion of Birding

This conversation with Noah Strycker covers his adventures as a young rock-star of birding, far from the birder stereotype and a leader of the resurgence of interest in birding by people of …

First Around the World Flight

The first round-the-world airplane flight started where?  Bob Hart, Executive Director of the Lane County History Museum describes the original Eugene Air Park, built at the urging of …

Intriguing Stories of Oregon’s History

Many surprising stories in this episode, from a conversation with Bob Hart, Executive Director of the Lane County History Museum.  Find out more about the Museum at

The 10,000 Year Old Sandal

There are many wonderful surprises in this episode, a conversation with Dr. Tom Connolly, Director of Archeological Research at the University of …

So Why Did They Circle The Wagons?

This episode includes many remarkable and often surprising stories from a conversation with Bethany Nemec of the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Portland Beginnings and the Pittock Mansion

An intriguing interview with Patti Larkin, Curator and Programs Manager of the Pittock Mansion, about this home and museum that relates to so much of Portland’s early history.

Raptor Magic

Raptors are birds of prey, iconic, enchanting, historic and crucial parts of our world.  Join this fascinating conversation with Louise Shimmel, Executive Director of the Cascades Raptor …

Showdown at Opal Creek

Katie Ryan, Executive Director of Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center, describes the past, present and future of this special place, the largest …

An Oregon Safe House

This interview with Eric Richardson tells the story of the Mims House, a ‘Safe House’ in Eugene. Many people are surprised to learn that blacks weren’t welcome to stay overnight, even into …

The Anarchist and the Whiteaker

John Zerzan describes the history of the Whiteaker neighborhood and the many things that make Eugene unique.

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