Mission – making great stories easy to find
How – capture great storytelling and combine that with selected stories from others for a rich, intriguing offering of audio entertainment.  And reach as many people as possible by offering those stories via multiple podcast platforms.
Local Stories – history is all around us, and offers important and intriguing stories.  It’s said that politics is local, and history is too.  
Values – we seek a fair and accurate telling of each story.  We value the wisdom and history of native peoples. We value those whose rights were not always recognized and understand that their stories are helpful to all of us.
Gratitude – life for most people in the past was harder than it is now.  In addition to showing ways we can still improve, history helps us pause and give thanks for the progress that’s been made.

Discovery Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal of the Acquired podcast (Stitcher episode) said that “podcast discovery is broken”…and “someone should fix it”.  Our solution is to curate for great location-based podcasts and ‘put them on the map’.  One-third of online searches are location-based but podcast clients typically do not provide a map option.  The StoriesHere MapCast offers a great new means of podcast discovery.

Mobile Icon – an icon can be added to your mobile device similar in function to native iOS or Android apps.  With StoriesHere loaded in your browser, click on the menu and ‘Add to Home Screen’.  The exact text may be slightly different depending on the device or browser.

Our Team – our passion for StoriesHere comes from our belief in the power of stories.
StoriesHere is an evolution of our expertise in museums, data management, business, history and marketing.  We’ve been doing various elements of StoriesHere for many years, and our team includes experts in each area.
Some of our team has been doing map-based discovery work for over ten years and we’re excited to transfer that knowledge to podcasting.
StoriesHere was created by Wayne Parker, who was also founder of amplified.com, one of the first digital music distribution companies, and originator of NatureFind.  He has served as a Board member and supporter for a number of local non-profits, and as a Mentor for the University of Oregon’s Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship. In February 2019 received a Heritage Award for his work with the Lane County Historical Society.
StoriesHere is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon.

Thank You – we are thankful for the countless people who have worked to preserve and present the stories of our history. We hope StoriesHere helps your work.

Contact Us – we love stories….and would like to hear yours.  Please click here for the Contact Form.