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  1. Interviews – important and interesting stories from interviews with people who know them best
  2. Newspapers – such as Explore Oregon episodes by Zach Urness and David Davis of the Statesman Journal 
  3. Radio – giving great radio stories new life by making them easy to discover
  4. Independent podcasters – episodes are included from popular Oregon podcasters:
    1. Offbeat Oregon from Finn J.D. John
    2. Hear in the Gorge from Sarah Fox
  5. Previews – shorter audio previews about interesting historic places
  6. Podcast to the Editor™ – have an interesting audio story to add?  Contact us for more information.

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Mims ‘Safe’ House – this remarkable story of a haven for African American travelers in segregated Oregon is told through an interview with Eric Richardson, President of the Eugene Springfield Chapter of the NAACP.  Eric’s firsthand experiences provide invaluable insight into the Mims House story and the role of racism in Pacific Northwest history.


Sumpter Gold DredgeStoriesHere features the work of other podcasters such as Explore Oregon from the Statesman Journal, and this example from Offbeat Oregon. It’s the tale of the would-be miner who, luckily for us, didn’t do very well and turned more to his writing.  It was Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of the Tarzan series.

Thompson’s Mill State Heritage Site – this is an example of a short-form audio, about the oldest operating mill in Oregon. It shows the potential of StoriesHere to support tourism, both vacations and staycations.  This mill can be experienced first-hand as the flume is opened and the water rushes by just feet from where you are standing.  It is just 10 minutes from I-5 at 32655 Boston Mill Dr, Shedd, OR 97377.

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